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Julie Rupena-Reynolds, MS, LPC

Family and Child Therapist

Julie has many years experience working with families.  She is a Licensed Professional Counselor by the State of Wisconsin and the National Board of Certified Counselors. Julie sees clients from ages 3 yrs old through adulthood.  Most of her work has been with children and their families whom are experiencing crises.  She has worked in residential, inpatient and outpatient facilities.  

Primary Treatment Focus

Julie creates a safe environment for children, teens and adults to express themselves.  She encourages communication between family members and motivates families to work together for a healthy outcome.  You may see Julie using creative techniques with families to facilitate communication and expression by playing games such as Feeling’s Charades; Telephone; and “Julie” Says.  Children often express themselves through behaviors.  Julie helps parents learn about their child’s behaviors so they can be supportive during times of distress.